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Middle School Athletics/Activity Blocks

During the Athletics and Activity Block of our weekly schedule, Pingry Middle School students can select from a wide range of interscholastic sports and team and physical activities, guided by the requirements outlined below. 


  • In the fall, winter, and spring seasons, these activities meet four days per week during the Athletics and Activity Block (2:20–3:35 p.m.).
  • Every student will be required to participate in the following every year:
    • At least one interscholastic sport (can participate during all three seasons), and may choose an additional team or activity for the remaining trimesters
  • Students receive an effort grade each trimester.
Cross Country Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams) Baseball
Water Polo Swimming Track & Field
Field Hockey (Girls Fencing Softball
Football Ice Hockey Tennis (Boys)
(Boys & Girls Teams)
(capped at 26 students)
(Boys & Girls Teams)
Tennis (Girls) Wrestling P.E. Fit
Volleyball (Girls) P.E. Fit Musical
(capped at 15 students)

*Fall through Winter commitment
(capped at 15 students)

*Fall through Winter commitment
Theater Tech
P.E. Fit Yoga  
Adventures in the Wild Dance Team  
A Play in the Attic  Flag Football (outdoors)  
Intro to Squash
(capped at 26 students)



Athletics and Activity Block Options

Pingry Athletics and Activities Council - October 19, 2023