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The Center for Performance and Leadership

Our students are athletes, performing artists, musicians, and brilliant academics—they are, in short, high-achieving, dynamic individuals. Their ability to perform under pressure and remain confident in their abilities is supported by The Center for Performance and Leadership. This pioneering institute, one of only a handful that exist in the country, and the only one at a high school in the world, is an expansion of our focus on supporting mental performance with the athletics and arts departments. Led by dynamic experts, the institute builds positive, resilient dynamics that lead to breakthrough performances, enhance student leadership, manage stressful moments in performance, and push past mental blocks that lead to droughts in performance. The Center works to maximize student potential. Our innovative, holistic approach ensures that Pingry students are equipped with the skills and resiliency to adapt to moments big and small—on the field, on the stage, and in life—confident in their ability to conquer life's challenges.

The Center for Performance & Leadership creates better performers and leaders in all arenas of life in preparation for lifelong competition.

Brandyn Fisher
Director of Center for Performance and Leadership
Upper School Psychology Teacher
Mental Performance Coach